Mozambique, A Promising Options for U.S. Exporters

Export Nation Podcast This episode of Export Nation features Tammy Murrietta, a senior commercial officer based in the US Embassy at Maputo, Mozambique. Murrietta discusses opportunities, challenges and the unique selling points Mozambique offers to U.S. exporters.  Are you interested in doing business with Mozambique? During the podcast, Murrietta briefly mentions the Official Post Reconstruction VirtualContinue reading “Mozambique, A Promising Options for U.S. Exporters”

Promoting Equitable Economic Growth in a Virtual Era

Nya Igambi is Regional Director for the U.S. Commercial Service’s Southern Network. The Commercial Service (CS) is the trade promotion arm of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration. World Trade Month presents an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the small and medium-sized companies that drive U.S. exports and strengthen our economy. It’s also an opportunity toContinue reading “Promoting Equitable Economic Growth in a Virtual Era”