Mozambique, A Promising Options for U.S. Exporters

Export Nation Podcast

This episode of Export Nation features Tammy Murrietta, a senior commercial officer based in the US Embassy at Maputo, Mozambique. Murrietta discusses opportunities, challenges and the unique selling points Mozambique offers to U.S. exporters. 

Are you interested in doing business with Mozambique?

During the podcast, Murrietta briefly mentions the Official Post Reconstruction Virtual Trade Mission to Mozambique and Zimbabwe, which is meant to highlight the reconstruction needs of these countries to U.S. suppliers and service providers. Areas of reconstruction include rebuilding after devastating cyclones, civil and political unrest and devastating effects of COVID-19. These events have a direct impact on Mozambique and Zimbabwe resulting in USD billions in destroyed infrastructure. Learn more about the trade mission here.

For more information on the trade mission reach out to

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